Peer Recovery Support Services enable victims and survivors to provide emotional support to each other, by demonstrating empathy, caring, or concern to bolster one another’s self esteem and confidence. this is done through Peer mentoring and Peer-led support groups.

Authenticity of peers helping peers – Drawing on the power of example, as well as the hope and motivation, that one person in recovery can offer to another; providing opportunities to give back to the community; and embracing the notion that both people in a relationship based on mutuality can be helped and empowered in the process.

By serving as role models for recovery, providing mentoring and coaching, connecting people to needed services and community supports, and helping in the process of establishing new social networks supportive of recovery, peer to peer support groups make recovery a presence in their communities and send a message of hope fulfilled.

Our Peer to Peer Support Group meets weekly. Please contact the Center for more information.